Igor is Vladislaus Dracula's servant. He was earlier employed by doctor Victor Frankenstein as his assistant, but choose later to betray his employer to the Dark Lord after the creation of Frankenstein's terrible monster. At first, Igor fled the doctor's castle when it was attacked by angry villagers, but when he saw the creature carry its creator to the old windmill he called out his former employers name, which was heard by the mob.

One year later, Igor was still in the service of the Count and his brides, unfailingly loyal and willing to help him achieve his goal. Unfortunately, his relationship to Dracula was no less changed from his time with the doctor, when the master used him as a dog to take care of his other servants, one of them to mention was the werewolf. When Van Helsing, a long with Anna Valerious and his loyal sidekick and companion the young Catholic friar Carl, succeeded in invading Dracula's castle, Igor was the first one to spot them. At first he was to warn his master about the intruder's but Van Helsing nailed him to the wall in order to question him about the Monster. Van Helsing, who had been bitten by the werewolf and in a good way to become one himself, threatened the greedy assistant to the life which convinced him to led the group to the very room there Count Dracula stored the only known anti-dote to the curse of the werewolf.

However Igor set up a trap for them due to the sudden appearence of one of Dracula's brides, Anna battled her in order to give Carl enough of time to get the anti-dote to Van Helsing.

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