FANDOM Vampire Eggs are green slimy eggs containing the Vampire Brides Babies They need a monster to live and the key to their life is Frankenstein.First Dracula uses Velkan in the experiment in which he fails to bring them back to life. Then after having Frankenstein he is able to bring them back again but Van helsing kills Dracula causing the babies to die.

First of all this beech wrong. ^ Second of all my question is how did these busted nuts of an egg come into this world? When the wives got pregernanant did did they lay them or shove them through their cooches? And second those wives are bats? so do they have bat vaginas? and does dracula have a bat dick? also bat dicks are like huge so does he just have a 15 inch dong? That would explain the cloaks he wears. But anyway, the real question here is how these demon babies came through these beeches vajines. These nuts are gigantour, and i mean like the size of their entire bodies. Also how did they even lay them? and how did they lay that many? like did dracula and the wives spend every living second of the day banging it out like rabbits? I would assume so. Okay, wo the only conclusion to be drawn here is that 1. they bang all day, 2. they weave them from their cooches like spiders on the cieling, and 3. dracula have a 15 inch shlong.